Visual Process Intelligence

Rapid and effective interpretation of process, laboratory and APC data, at a glance.
Intuitive root cause analysis.

See VPI in action

Analyse, detect missed opportunities and optimise

Thanks to advanced visual analytics, data conditioning and segmentation of operating conditions, VPI allows you to identify sub-optimal operating regions and missed opportunities, detect root causes and optimise process control.

Visual Analytics

In-depth visual data inspection

VPI provides advanced charting and visual inspection tools, and introduces a best-in-class Parallel Coordinates tool for multi-variable visual analytics beyond classical trending.

Platform and Vendor Independent - Aggregate multiple data sources

Aggregate and combine process, laboratory and off-line data from any major online data source (including classic OPC and UA), as well as from offline file-based sources.

Compatible with any device

VPI can be accessed from any browser (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge) making it compatible with any Desktop and Mobile device.

On-site, off-site and personal installations

VPI Server can be installed on Windows, Linux and macOS. Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Bare Metal and local Desktop installations are allowed through a single universal installer.